Welcome to the second seminar of the MOOC of the SCOUT project.

After learning about inclusion, diversity and exclusion related to sport in the previous seminar, in this seminar, we will focus on the importance of the figure of the inclusion-diversity manager (IM) in our club. The IM is responsible for ensuring that a diverse and inclusive environment is created and maintained within the club. This means that she/he must persevere to create a culture of inclusion in which everybody feels valued and supported, regardless of their background or abilities. The club must support and be behind all the initiatives that the IM develops to foster a culture of respect and diversity.
We need to think of an IM as an inclusion developer in our club. Someone who is sensitive to the diversity embodied by players and staff and who foresees the benefits of becoming an inclusive sport club. Likewise, someone who is known within the club and knows inside-out how our volleyball club works.

In the frame of this project, the IM is the responsible person for all the questions, hesitations, and uneasiness of the newly recruited vulnerable players and their families. She/he will be the contact person for the project management section which watches over the inclusion process of these players and eventually for the retainment of these players after this project ends.

Author: Montse Martin

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Download document from Issuu clicking on the arrow or click here.