Specific Goals

Based on the needs assessment, the Specific Objectives of the proposed action, and their Expected Results, are the following:

Design a pilot recruitment and intervention programme for organised sports, for young
girls at risk of social exclusion or vulnerability, especially within minority groups, in cooperation with schools, municipal sport and social services, NGOs, community associations, and other sports clubs

New recruitment and intervention programme, promoting PYD through organised sports among young girls at risk of social exclusion, tested in sports clubs of different sizes and performance in 3 different European countries.

Implement the pilot recruitment and intervention program, including an intensive training programme on social inclusion and positive youth development for coaches and managers, peer to peer exchanges among athletes, coaches and managers

More than 160 young girls participating in the new programme, with more than 30 girls identified in situation of vulnerability in organised sport activities, with a positive outcome in their development.

More than 78 managers and coaches trained by the new programme, with new skills and knowledge developed to become active stakeholders in the process of social inclusion of the girls.

Raise awareness and challenge social and cultural norms that are a barrier to the presence and participation of young girls in organised sports, with activities dedicated to the families of young girls

More than 200 adults with parental responsibilities involved in parent education processes that both educate and inform them about their responsibilities at youth sport and their role in supporting them in their positive development, including through lifelong participation in physical activity.

Provide policy recommendations and evaluate the impact of the intervention, sharing results and communicating to motivate administrations at local and EU level to support sport clubs that dedicate efforts to develop inclusion programs.

Strengthened connections between private sport clubs and municipal social and sport services, schools, NGOs and community organisations, strengthening the role of clubs as social agents of inclusion while increasing their social impact in the local communities.